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Psychophysical Training and Methods of Energy Renewal

A sportsman's psychic state of being ready to compete can be characterised as follows:
This state is based on professional skills of a sportsman - in particular on his physical and technical skills as well as the Psychological state of mind. Sportsman's psychic state of being ready to extraordinary situations in competitions will be more protected. when the degree of his skills is higher. After the long training a sportsman will be able to co-ordinate his movements, his muscles having been developed which will enable him to deliver strong blows. His heart will work like an engine pushing large amounts of blood around his body during the competitions. But suddenly a foreboding that he will fail and a fear that something terrible should happen during the competition influence his brain to cause him to loose his psychic balance. In unstable competitors this may result in a state of self-suggestion. The automatism of movements which after a long training process was transferred from a conscious to an unconscious level, reverts to the former state of consciousness due the influence of casual factors.

This means complete failure. Go-ordination has been lost, muscles were lax as fear grew in the sportsman's mind. His movements became awkward and slow instead of coordinates and fast. The sportsman can be influenced by this fear for a long period of time or even forever. Therefore he can possibly give up his sports activities. Thus, the psychic training of a sportsman is of the same importance as any other training. For this reason oriental schools of self-defence begin their teaching process from early age by gearing their mentality toward sports. However, many sportsmen who suddenly begin to study "tae kwon do" have a shorter period of training and for them the psychic education is very important.

One of the morally-ethical problems of fighting skills is to achieve the harmony bodily and spiritually. Before every fight a sportsman should prepare himself physically and spiritually.

The rules of all styles of fighting art tell that a strong desire to win spoils the harmony of sportsman' s actions leading to a failure in most cases.

What can be offered instead of it? This should be quietness and relaxation.

`When you are fighting our head must be cleared of thoughts'. These feelings of relaxation and freedom can be achieved by using meditations. Modern medicine confirms that meditation positively influences the nervous system. When physicians using electronic devices received the encephalogram of Buddhist monks meditating, it was very close to the encephalogram of people, when they are sleeping soundly. Thus, a spiritual relaxation is a resting brain but being wide awake -

While learning the skills of spiritual relaxation the sportsman forgets about everything before fights and can fight quietly and harmoniously.

Meditating regularly improves all the sports men's physical qualities.

It is suggested, that meditation combined with breathing exercises can influence a sportsman when he has the following qualities: being able to preserve a pure mind :
The following methods of training should be used, while also using ordinary methods of training: autogenic training and self-suggestion; ideo-motoric training; self-relaxation (muscles' relaxation); an ordinary massage and a massage of active zones.

1. Autogenic Training

The method of autogenic training is based on the fact, that in the state of the complete relaxation by using selfioncen~ation and self-suggestion the control of physical and psychic states can be provided.

Six groups of exercises are recommended.
  1. To relax muscles of a body by concentrating on the feeling of a heaviness of body and its separate parts
  2. To strengthen blood circulation by using self-suggestion that the body and its parts are warmed
  3. For the heart control 4. For the breathing control
  4. To control the function of internal organs by using self-suggestion that there is warmth in a zone of the solar plexus.
  5. To control the brain's function by using self-suggestion of the coolness in a zone of the fore-head.
In order to increase the influence of self-suggestion being used in autogenic training it is necessary to believe in it. This belief confirms the complete correspondence between consciousness and unconsciousness . as well as the complete correspondence between thoughts and feelings. A man who believes that he is a cheerful person will be really cheerful and a man who believes that he is angry will be really angry. It is necessary to learn how to control your unconsciousness.

It could be done easily in the state of incomplete retardation of the central nervous system, i.e. in the state of resting close to drowsiness. While being in this state a man feels the heaviness and warmth in all his body. The heaviness is provided by complete retaxation of muscles, and the warmth by strengthening blood circulation.

The autogenic training should be performed in an isolated place, where everything around a sportsman, e.g. noise and bright light can not interfere with him. The number of training is 2-4 times per day, the duration of each of them is from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The best time for training is in the morning, after awakening, and in the evening before getting to sleep. It is important to have constant training. This should be a time of selfconcentration. Understanding of the necessity of these training, a self-discipline and persistence are the main aspects of this method. Feelings of uneasiness and scepticism are animals thereof. The basic part of the method is self-concentration and self-suggestion which help to relax and thus providing the feeling of heaviness and warmth in the whole body. On this level of autogenic training unconsciousness is better influenced by self-suggestion and consciousness. Training using self-suggestion are very useful. In ancient times the custom to train cripples and strong willed people to be resistant to the influence of cold was used in monasteries of Tibet. In accordance with the teaching of Tibetan lamas, these people called resls can release energy "tumo" which spread along channelsmeridians of body warming it. Now this system of channels was found again by Korean biologists. It was called "Kemrak". Thoroughly selected pupils having been trained slowly and gradually. At the beginning they were doing their exercises and breathing gymnastics wearing thing clothes, and then absolutely naked. In order to be named "resl" it is necessary to dry three wet sheets wrapping around the body using its warmth, while sitting on the ground near the river or lake during a frosty windy night. Resls can stay on frost from 12 to 24 hours. Sometimes their bodies are covered with sweat because they are hot.

This state can be achieved by using self-hypnosis. They suggest that they are standing near the fire or in the hot valley with sun burned cliffs.

Autogenic training includes two parts: a tranquillising part and an activating part. The first one is used when it is necessary to be calm and to relax after training before getting to sleep, to get rid from the extra excitement and strain before competitions and after them. The second one is used to train an organism for competitions, to eliminate slackness and apathy.

2. Tranquillising Part of Autogenic Training

Exercises of the tranquillising part of autogenic training can be divided as follows:

Muscles' relaxation
It can be achieved by using self-suggestion that you are relaxed. This training lasts for 3-4 days.

Relaxation of internal organs
It can be achieved by concentrating on the certain organ and using self-suggestion. This training also lasts for 3-4 days.

Relaxation of the nervous system
This training lasts for 3-5 days.

Activating Part of Autoaenic Training
  1. Training the feeling of coolness

  2. Training the feeling of lightness

  3. Activating the organism by using self-suggestion of the feeling of shivering, coolness, cheerfulness, and increasing energetics. While providing the feeling of cheerfulness and increasing of energetics the breathing will be faster and the feeling of lightness and coolness will be provided.
However, the possibilities of autogenic training and self-suggestion are not limited by the ability to relax and activate. They are much wider. They can provide a development of the memory, thinking, attention, will, perception and other psychic functions. Autogenic training can decrease sensitivity, e-g. the feeling of pain. It is proved, that after autogenic training using the following type of self-suggestion: 'My arm lost its sensitivity. My arm disappeared. I have no arm' - 36% of tested people can completely loose the sensitivity of pain, and 64% thereof can loose it partly. While training the tae kwon do it is important to receive an emotional resistance to be able to overcome extraordinary situations without extra emotions. Thus, it is important to suppress both external and internal manifestations of emotions, including vegetal and endocrine reactions; because in other case emotions can get inside, thus causing a great damage.

One of the most dangerous negative emotions during competitions and in the extraordinary fighting situations is fear. It can be overcome by using self-suggestion, as well as using methods to control emotional states: by using facial expressions, breathing exercises, methods of self-encouragement and etc.

4. Autogenic Training and Self-Suggestion during Sports Competitions and while using High Loads, Exercises of autogenic training allow to have a good rest during the breaks, be less tired, while working hard, and also increase the attention and selfconcentration. The plan-diagram of autogenic training can be as follows:
In order to overcome more successfully strained situations it is useful to learn poses of aggression, superiority and independence, as well as certain pantomimic reactions characterising psychologically trained persons-

At the end of the training it is recommended to carry out a psychological exercise, in particular resting by using self-suggestion, to get rid from tiredness and to carry out normally renewing processes. This quickly normalise the blood pressure and pulse. During breaks between loads try to relax. Remember, that when you are getting tired the muscle tone of your occiput, neck, breast, subscapular zone will be increased. It is recommended to train how to adjust quickly to high loads and to the future work.

After loads, during the renewing period first of all it is necessary to relax the nervous system and muscles, to strengthen blood circulation by using autogenic training. The best rest for the nervous system is to sleep. Sleeping during the rest under the influence of self-suggestion begins after muscles relaxation, when the feeling of 'warmth/heaviness' was achieved.

It is recommended to use vitamins, massages, thermal baths and showers together with self-suggestion, thereby enhancing their influence. While using autogenic training, you should learn how to control your psychics and provide suitable emotional states at important moments of life.

During competitions the activating part of autogenic training should be used. The main feature of self-suggestion is 'Must-Want-Can'

5. Energy Renewal

While using different physical loads it is necessary to supercede 'burnt' nourishing substances by new ones for the fast renewal of the normal state. In ancient times plants were used for this reason. The information on this subject can be find in ancient books. The capacity for work can be renewed by using specific methods to influence muscles of arms and legs of a tired man by using massages, needle therapy, thermal-therapy.

Oriental physicians used red berry (gingseng). They considered it as the 'root of life', the remedy of 1000 diseases. Using classical Oriental massage including pressing active zones of body with a finger (Shiatsu) or influencing them with a steel (or copper) little ball CTsubo), you can get rid of the following symptoms of tiredness: heaviness of legs,hands,and spine.

Great possibilities of the Shiatsu allow to use this method of influencing active zones for everybody without limitations. The influence on active zones improves skin breathing, increases flexibility of skin, eliminates muscles' pains, increases their efficiency. Massaging along blood vessels improves their tonus, thereby decreasing the influence of high load on a heart. The methods of influencing blood vessels of legs should be carried out every day, while preparing to begin groups of exercises. Massaging both relaxes and activates the function of the nervous system. This influence the peripheral nervous system, thereby improving the whole central nervous system. It is nessecary to know that the stronger influence on active zones will provide the stronger signal to the central nervous system, thereby providing the stronger activating process.

People from 15 to 30 years old can have an intensive massage, and people from 30 to 50 years old should have a moderate one. But anyway, the intensity of massaging should be determined individually, depending on the time of a day. People which belong to the one type can be stronger influenced in the morning, and it will be in contrary for the others.

The intensive influence on the organism deteriorates its general state, and in contrary the weak influence does not affect it at all. The main performance of massage is the vasomotor reaction of skin. When reddening take place, it means that massage was more intensive then should be.

The Shiatsu quickly improves the general state of organism and has no side effects. About all elements of the Shiatsu should be performed by yourself. The main technique of influencing active zones includes pressing them with fingers, and stroking them.

In order to inhance the effect of renewing the method of twisting and twining around muscles and tendons should be used together with the Shiatsu. At the beginning of training it is necessary to relax. The following statement is a brief description of the individual method of renewing the normal state when a person is weak and tired.

6. The Shiatsu Individual Method

(Cleaning channels by using the method of physical influence on body)

The influence should be carried out first on the right and then on the left.

Renewal by using Balanced Feeding

Using the technique of renewal it is possible to be active until ?0-80 years old, while training constantly.

The first sign of overtraining is sleep deterioration. It take place usually after one or two months of training the Tae kwon do. Ancient fighters used in their food menu honey, nuts, herbs and etc. in order to renew the capacity to work. Using this together with meditations provided extraordinary opportunities of a man, which allow him to train for 8-10 hours a day. Trying to improve ourselves we have not to forget about treasures of the ancient pharmacology. However, the selftreatment is not allowed. While beginning the renewal process, it is necessary to know for what reason the capacity to work was lost. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to receive a medical advise, and only then use nature's gifts.

1.    Honey is the most reliable remedy for sleeplessness. In order to renew it is necessary to to add 1-2 teaspoons of honey to a glass with warm water. This mixture should be taken 30-40 minutes before going to sleep every day for 1-2 months, or one teaspoon of honey have to be taken with tea. During the treatment honey should be taken in the amount of 0.1% of the weight of your body, i.e. when your weight is 80 kg your have to take 80 g of honey a day. This portion of honey should be divided into three parts. It should be taken for 1-2 weeks, and then honey should be taken as during the renewal period-

2.     Oranges contain a great amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, ascorbic acid. Oranges decrease developing putrefabive processes in the organism providing its cleaning. They provide good appetite, improve alimentary system (digestion). The day rate is 1-2 oranges after meals.

3.     Valerian roots. . .As mint and sage valerian roots are used for treatment the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Valerian roots activate breathing, increase retardation. They are a tranquillising remedy. They should not be used long term. The infusion of valerian roots should be taken in the amount of 20-30 g after meals for 1-2 weeks.

Preparation of the infusion:

Add 200 g. hot water to 20 g valerian roots, close it and warm it up using "water bath" for 15 minutes; cool it at the room temperature, then strain it and add a glass of boiled water.

4.     Walnuts

Walnuts contain substantial amount of albumen as well as ascorbic acid. They provide the recovery of an organism. They increase insufficient amount of animal albumens.

5.     Red berry (ginseng)

Red berry contains the substantial amount of dietary fibre, vitamin B complex, iron, phosphorus, sulphur. It tones up an organism. Red berry is a stimulator and provides a faster healing of wounds. While a physical and psychic overstrain take place it should be taken. In Eastern countries remedies containing a red berry is used to prolong life and youth.

6.     Sweetbrier

Sweetbrier contains a great amount of ascorbic acid. It stabilises the content of adrenaline in blood. Berries of the sweetbrier contain A and B vitamins and carotene, thereby provide good results.

Infusion of sweetbrier: Add 200 g boiled water to 10 g of berries; warm it up for 15 minutes; cool it. A half of a glass of the infusion should be taken 2-3 times a day after meals.

This list of herbs and plants used for energy renewal is not a complete one. However, using even the above herbs and plants provides good results.

While training three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) the following extra food is recommended:


Breakfast - a cup of tea with honey; a cup of tea with sweetbrier or mint

Lunch - stir 1-2 teaspoons of honey with 50-100 g of walnuts

Dinner - 1-1.5 hours before the training. After training - 100-200 g of the infusion of sweetbrier with honey; 1 teaspoon of honey to one glass of warm water


1 teaspoon of honey to one glass of warm water, 3 minutes before getting to sleep. At the day time 1-2 oranges.

Wednesday and Friday the same as on Monday. Thursday and Saturday the same as on Tuesday. On Sunday your can choose what ever your want.

This diet provides faster renewal of sportsman's energetics.