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July 15th 1998

Here it is at last! The next long awaited edition of the newsletter.

"The Black Arts emblem itself holds a specific significance; The eagle represents the offensive side of the art, whereas the shield depicts the defensive side of the art. If the shield is penetrated then the eagle is unleashed. The dagger signifies the military origin and how it originated from the Special Service Force Unarmed Combat Team. The sunrays signify the multitude of styles emanating from the Black Arts style and the wreath represents that these styles are held together under one entity."

This newsletter is dedicated to our Military Instructors worldwide.
(In NO particular order)

From Sweden, Carl Mangus-Haig

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Brief military history on Captain C-M Haig

Drafted in 1988, promoted to captain in 1994.
Recon platoon CO until 1997

Special training in:
Survival, woodland and mountain terrain.
Anti-armour weaponry
Tactical Intel.

Special Instructor in Hand-to-hand Combat


From CFB Edmonton, Canada, Patrick Lauzier

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I joined the forces in 1989 as a Reservist with a Quebec city artillery regiment ( 6 RAC ).
I became a Regular member of the Forces in 1991. Since 1993 I have been a Finance clerk.
My posting were: 1991 St-Jean QC.>
1992 Cold Lake AB. 1993 Petawawa ON.
One tour of duty in Bosnia in 1996 then got posted to Edmonton AB in 1997. 
Finish first at the Canadian open grappling tournament in 1996.



From Canada, Dan Lauzon

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Sgt. D. Lauzon (Retired)

Dan Lauzon served 18 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. In those 18 years he
served with the Royal Canadian Regiment as well as the Airborne Regiment. Dan
served in Germany, the Gulf War and Somalia. He has been awarded the Gulf War
medal, Liberation of Kuwait medal, Special Service medal, Canadian Forces
Decoration medal and just recently the Somalia medal.


From Guam, William T. Anderson


Military Service
USAF 1971-1992  Medical
Assigned to Special Weapons Teams and security forces Clark AB PI,
Andersen AFB Guam
Instructor for Military Personnel defensive Tactics
Pease AFB NH
Clark AB PI
Maxwell AFB Ala
Lowry AFB Co

Martial Arts Background:
Head Instructor
Defensive Tactics Systems
Andersen AFB Guam

4th dan Comjuka Kenpo
3rd dan Kuntaw
Instructor level in the arts of
Balintawak Arnis
Cinco Terros Eskrima
Modern Arnis
Pampanga Crossada arnis

Studied the Martial arts of:
Judo/jujitsu under sensei Dave Schifley
Kajukenbo    under Sigung Dan Frazier  Guam
Teoul Moon Kung Fu under sifu Yim  Song Tan Korea
Chuan Fa Kenpo     under sifu Li   Taichung Taiwan
Shito Ryu Karate   Under Sensei Tillman
Ernesto Presas Modern Arnis  Edwin Velasquez Angeles City Pampanga PI


From Canada, Robert G. Veary

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(Mr Veary has a very imressive list of accomplishments and achievements.   We don't have the space to put them all up so I will just give a summary. ~Ed)

Completed 20 years of Military Service with honourable discharge
Served 10 years as a Paratrooper in The Canadian Airbourne Regiment
Extendive tactical employment and weapons handling training, including
the Small Arms Instructor and Infantry Sniper course.
Served 4 years at the rank to Warrant Officer (Combat Arms)
Certified as a Personal Protection Specialist (bodyguard)
Certified in PPCT management and defensive tactics system.

From Canada, Bob Martel

Military Background:
Enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Royal 22nd Regiment in 1980
6 month tour to Cyprus with the United Nations
After returning from the U.N. tour he passed his Paratrooper Course in Edmonton, Alberta
Posted in Lahr, Germany in 1985
Posted back in Canada in 1989

Martial Arts Background:
Started Karate when he was twelve
After three years he switched to Olympic Wrestling
Participated in the Québec Games in 1979
Studied Kickboxing at the United Studios of Self Defense in Québec
While posted in Lahr, Germany he taught wrestling and studied Karate-Do
Studied under Wendell Heron and Dan Lauzon in Black Arts Military Unarmed Combat while posted in Petewawa, Ontario.
After four years with the Black Arts Society he took over the Petewawa club for one year.
After being posted to Comox, British Columbia he opened his own Black Arts Club which continues to run today

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