Black Arts Society



June 10, 1999

1st Annual

1999 Black Arts Convention

Battling: Black Arts and Bojuka Style...

Interest was high as the three hour workshop at Griffin Martial Arts Studio expanded into four and one half hours of intense training.

Instructors Grand Master Gus Michalik and Specialist Dan Longtin presented techniqueswhich are rarely seen in regular martial arts classes.

This unique workshop focused on the following major defence areas:

  1. Strategies for Threat and Environment Assessment

  2. Body Mechanics

  3. Hand to Hand Combat

  4. Unarmed versus Knife and Club

  5. Knife to Knife

  6. Club to Knife

  1. Strategies:

    1. Avoidance: awareness of your location and potential dangers you wish to try and avoid.

    2. Threat Assessment: is the enemy high on drugs or drunk? Is the attacker in a blind rage? Are there more than one attackers: Different situations present a varying degree of threat.

    3. Decision Making: what, how, re the best course of action.

    4. Environment Assessment: how much room do you have? Are you in a confined area? What is available to you: a car aerial or mirror, bricks, bottles, sticks, cans, or other handy 'found everywhere items?


  2. Body Mechanics: Here the focus was on what parts of the body to attack. What are the consequences of such strikes? Where will the enemy 'move' when hit so that you know where to strike next? How does the type of attack determine your defence? How do your skills play a role in how you defend yourself?

  3. Hand to Hand Combat: Defences are based on the principals of acupuncture and pressure points. Grand Master Gus Michalik taught many defence skills that allowed young and old alike to be successful in defence against grabs, chokes, strikes, pushes, kicks, and punches. Using the correct order of strikes can lead to a knockout or more serious injuries.

  4. Unarmed versus Knife and Club: By following the carefully laid out plan for facing a wide variety of knife attacks: inside/outside, low and high strikes, thrust and overhead attacks, slices, stabs, and terrorist holds, participants enjoyed intense training in blocks, parrys, strikes, locks, and manipulations.

  5. Knife to Knife: Dan Longtin from Harrisburg Penn., who along with Gus is a qualified expert in Bojuka knife fighting, taught a number of valuable techniques for self defence. For details on these skills please read the previous newsletter on the net. Participants also learned a specific pattern of strikes to defend against two or more attackers.

  6. Club to Knife: Using a stick that you pick up off of the ground, or an aerial off of a car in a specific defensive manner (with focus on the wrist action) allows one to have an excellent defence against a knife attack.

Grand Master Gus Michalik is now the official certifying instructor for Bojuka in Canada. He can be reached at the Black Arts Web Site.

Griffin Martial Arts Studio is an official Black Arts Martial Arts School. It is located in Ancaster and serves Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford and Waterdown. Sensei Brian Roussel is available at

A Few Pictures From the Convention

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I am waiting for more pics from the Bojuka portion of the seminar!
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Group Photo from the Convention. Participants came from many different backgrounds. Many are Black Belts in their respective styles.
Participants had the opportunity to practice Black Arts and Bojuka style knife defenses.
Grandmaster Gus Michalik instructed most of the Black Arts portion of the seminar.
Attacking weaknesses in the human anatomy allows for anyone to perform the techniques regardless of age, sex, strength, etc.