To John Fraser and Jason Wilkinson

  On their first Jiu-jitsu and Dim-Mak Seminar

Which was held on November 11, 2001 in Sarnia, ON

Students were instructed in various techniques, including on the ground and counter to counter, with emphasis on joint manipulation. 

The seminar began with simple stretching and warm-up exercises. The warm-ups taught the student how to increase and strengthen their wrists.  Then they were introduced to and practiced the most common footwork, which is used in Jiu-Jitsu.  A demonstration explained the importance of footwork and how it is effective in countering techniques. 

The first wrist manipulation that was practiced was reverse hand.  After the students understood the proper application of this joint lock.  A counter technique was added to teach the students how to flow easily from one technique to another.




Two basis ground techniques were shown.  Front choke-to-escape and kneeling–knee to face.



Then a special presentation with  Grand Master Gus Michalik

  Grand Master Gus Michalik is the founder of the Black Arts Society in London, Ontario followed; assisted by his 3rd degree black belt, Brett Butchard.

The students were excited and overwhelmed by the affects of pressure points and striking combinations.




Some techniques that were taught are to inflict pain and other more serious points were shown to cause – death.


Some theory was also discussed during the demonstration that assisted the student in understanding the flow of energy and the affects of disrupting that energy.


A special thank-you to Grand Master Gus Michalik and Brett Butchard from Jason Wilkinson and John Fraser.

The students are very appreciative and thankful to John and Jason for holding a seminar in Sarnia, Ontario.  They are looking forward to another one in the near future.