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Grand Master Michalik at 18 years of age (Back left)
Grand Master Michalik with the Montcalm
secondary school judo club.  1978

1991 - Grand Master Michalik and Warrant Officer
B.J. Maclean.

Back row: Corporal Steve Smith, Master Corporal Scott Guilford, Master Corporal Mike Lesic, Corporal Wendell Heron ---  Front row: Grand Master Michalik, Private Frazer Strachan
A picture from 1990 - 1991.  Grand Master Michalik with the CFB London
Military Unarmed Combat Team.

CFB London Unarmed Combat Club - 1991

Grand Master Michalik (left) with former US Navy S.E.A.L.
Daniel Stanton.(center) - 1992

Larry Lam played in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles --- Chris Cassamassa played scorpion in the movie Mortal Combat
1992 - Grand Master Michalik (center) with Larry Lam(left)
and Chris Cassamassa(right)

Seminar with George Dillman in Jacksonville Florida - 1993

babojuka.jpg (72157 bytes)
Black Arts  and Bojuka Warriors seminar 1993

bwarr.jpg (54286 bytes)
Grand Master Michalik and the Bojuka Warriors - 1993

Master Don Hutchinson, Grand Master Michalik, Bob Martel
Outside Steven Segal's Tenshin dojo in California - 1994

Inside Steven Segal's Tenshin dojo - 1994.

Chung Ho's WTF Tournament 1994 in Kitchener - Waterloo Ontario Canada.

CFB Pettawawa - 1995.

Private seminar with US Navy S.E.A.L. Frank Cucci - 1996.

Ko1.jpg (9773 bytes)

Tko.jpg (7017 bytes)

The last two pics were taken when 7th Dan magazine came to our club to do an article. - 1998


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